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Press Release Issued May 13th 2015. Click here for details

Na'ama wanted to raise $100.00 at her lemonade stand to benefit Angelman Syndrome research. What happened next will amaze you. Watch the video and see why this precious child's story has traveled around the world and back!

Colin Farrell speaks to InStyle Magazine about FAST and Angelman Syndrome

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"When you're
the parent
of a child
with special
needs, it's
important to
feel that
you're not

The network of community, support, and com-
radeship that FAST offers for the families of
children with Angelman Syndrome is profound.
I was involved with the Special Olympics before
the birth of my son James, who was eventually
diagnosed with this neurogenetic disorder that
leads to developmental challenges. It was at
the Special Olympics in Shanghai in 2007 that
I decided, after consulting with James's mother,
that I wanted to talk publicly about the pride
and joy I had in our son. He has enriched my
life, but I don't want to minimize the trials that
so many families go through: the fear, conster-
nation, frustration, and pain. FAST provides
resources for those families while supporting
scientific research for a cure. We share in the
smallest victories: the first words at age 6 or 7,
being able to feed oneself at 19, and getting the
seizures under control. When James took his
first steps at age 4, I nearly broke in half! I'm
constantly humbled by FAST and its hope for
creating a better world through hard work,
research, shared information, and love. That's a
huge thing, and I wouldn't have that in my life
if it weren't for my beautiful boy.


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